The Vancouver women's library

In February 2017 I co-founded The Vancouver Women's Library and remained part of the project until September 2017. Inspired by women-centered spaces of the past, and counterpublics of women developing around free access to women's writing, the VWL is as much a revival of feminist bookstores and women's presses as it is a re-imagination of what libraries can do for the women's movement.



My practice concerns strategies of understanding and what repetition can do as one of those strategies. Patterns seem to be able to distract, bewilder, perplex, capture, anger, comfort, upset, soothe and engross our perception. Repetition also makes way for the opportunity of experiencing information differently; and possibly even finding new, previously hidden, phenomena.



Since first selling handmade clothing during high school in the streets of Stockholm, I've developed a great interest in the historical connection between women's work and textiles. My current practice delves into the ancestral rhythms of weaving as ways to birth and reveal women's histories within the warp and weft of the loom.


Trophy Hunt

At the end of 2015 I joined Wildlife Defense League in their efforts to help blockade traditional Gitxsan territory from any pipeline development and trophy hunting.


Since 2011 I have been using a Canon 7D DSLR to capture women's portraits.